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Suggested interview questions for Alejandra Llamas:

1. In your book The Art of Self-Awareness you tell how in 2008 you had to close your yoga and coaching business due to the recession. You have since become a bestselling author and founded an international coaching institute. What's the key to reinventing oneself?

2. You were born in Mexico, the daughter of a female psychologist. Is that what prompted you to spend years studying modern and ancient paths to fulfillment?

3. You say anyone can find joy and fulfillment in life "if they are willing to do the work with themselves." What do you mean by that?

4. What are the eight "pillars of self" you explain in your book and why is it so important for people to understand them?

5. How can changing what we believe about culture, emotions or language open up new possibilities in life?

6. What is an example of a declaration a person might have and how it would affect what they are able to do in life?

7. When most people hear the word "trance" they think about hypnosis, but you give it a much wider meaning. What is it?

8. How can a person discover what triggers a trance for them and snap out of it?

9. What is the top thing people can do to reduce stress in their lives?

10. As a wife and mom, you say you learn all the time from your family. What do they teach you?

11. How can our loved ones reveal to us things we might not otherwise see in ourselves, and how can that help us?

12. You've written a book called The Art of Raising Children: Coaching Techniques to Guide our Children. What are the top things you would share about this topic?

13. Some people have strong religious or spiritual beliefs; others do not. How does that fits into your work coaching them?

14. The name of your school, MMK Coaching Institute, is based on the Sanskrit word "Manomayakosha," which means illusory layers of the mind. Are these the same as the pillars of self, and why are they considered illusory? 

15. You have a passion for fashion, design and yoga. How do these fit in with your life as an author and coach?

16. Yoga for you means more than physical exercise and deep breathing. What can you share with our audience about its holistic benefits for mind and body?

17. Your books are bestsellers in Mexico and in Spanish language translations. You speak both languages fluidly and travel a lot between cultures. Do you see your work bridging the cultures, and if so, how?

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