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Want Joy? Anyone Can Have It
The path to fulfillment is not just for spiritual seekers but open to anyone moms and professional women, business leaders and workers and younger or older adults, "willing to do the work with themselves," Alejandra says. She explains how to kick limiting beliefs, care for yourself and open new possibilities for wellbeing, prosperity and loving relationships.

Know Thy (Pillars of) Self
From years studying modern and ancient methods of empowerment, Alejandra identified eight "pillars of the self": Thoughts, Culture, Beliefs, Emotions, Language, Declaration, Trance and Ego. She explains how changing what you believe can open up new possibilities for your life.

What's Triggering Your Trance?
Among the pillars of the self are states of mind so subtle we don't even know we are experiencing them. These are based on past experiences and can be triggered by everyday events. Alejandra explains how to tell if you are experiencing a trance and an easy way to snap out of it.

Tossed on Seas of Stress? Drop Anchor
Life is crazy. How can you find peace and calm in the midst of chaos that seems to engulf daily life? Alejandra shares some simple methods to inoculate yourself and your loved ones against stress, worry and anxiety.

Learning from Loved Ones
As a wife and mom, Alejandra says she learns from her husband, son and daughter "self-knowledge of who I am and how I'm acting." She tells how those closest to us can reveal things about ourselves that we otherwise might not see.

The Art of Parenting
Alejandra shares lessons for parents from her book The Art of Raising Children: Coaching Techniques to Guide our Children.

Coaching and Religious/Spiritual Beliefs
Alejandra's MMK Coaching Institute is based on the Sanskrit word "Manomayakosha," which means illusory layers of the mind, but is not tied to any religion. She explains how she coaches people to choose and honor the beliefs that serve them best in life.

Opening Doors with Yoga
Alejandra's early study of yoga was the beginning of an exploration that led her to become an internationally certified coach and bestselling author. She tells how practicing and studying yoga can lead to new life possibilities as well as health and wellness.

A Passion For Fashion
Alejandra studied textile design in college, once owned a design store in Mexico and loves everything to do with fashion and interior design. How does this relate to being an author and coach? She explains.

Lost in Trans(e)lation
Alejandra's books on finding joy and fulfillment are Spanish-language bestsellers. Now The Art of Self-Awareness is available in English as an e-book. She discusses the bilingual appeal of the books and how they are bringing people together from different cultural backgrounds.

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