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Byline BIO: Alejandra Llamas is a Mexican/American bestselling author, coach and authority on modern and ancient paths to fulfillment. She is founder of the Miami-based MMK Coaching Institute and author of the Spanish language bestseller The Art of Self-Awareness, now available in English as an e-book, and other books. For more information please visit www.AlejandraLlamas.com.

Broadcast BIO:
 We all need help breaking out of old ways of thinking to achieve our dreams. Our guest today is Alejandra Llamas (SAY Alexandra Ya-mas) a bestselling author, coach and empowerment expert. She was born in Mexico and has written several bestsellers in Spanish. Her book The Art of Self-Awareness is now available in English as an e-book through Amazon. Welcome Alejandra. You're a wife and mother as well as author and internationally certified coach, but you started out as a yoga instructor. How did you get where you are today?

Full BIO: Alejandra Llamas is a Mexican/American best-selling author, coach and authority on modern and ancient paths to fulfillment. Her Spanish language bestseller The Art of Self-Awareness, is now available in English as an e-book.

Alejandra is founder of the Miami-based MMK Coaching Institute, certified by the International Coaching Federation. MMK stands for Mano-Maya-Koza in Sanskrit, meaning illusory layers of the mind. She offers coaching resources through her web portal including guided meditations, books, coaching and her blog, and leads two-day seminars in Mexico City and the United States.

Alejandra teaches
that each of us is responsible for and creator of the way in which we respond to our life experience. She recognizes the value in committing to a transformative life experience, and identifies with projects that reveal light and strength within.

Alejandra has spent many years studying modern and ancient paths to fulfillment. Spurred by her belief that social and cultural beliefs are very poor for our growth, she gradually began to enter a more spiritual approach, with questions about the meaning of life and of being.

Alejandra was born in Mexico. Her mother, a psychologist, was a strong influence on her life's path. At age 28 Alejandra moved to the United States and began studying yoga. She became certified as a yoga teacher with one of the most prestigious yogis in the world, Tias Little.

Parallel to studying yoga and meditation in New Mexico, she traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to get certified as an Ontological Coach (study of the behavior of human beings). With both licenses, she began to teach "Technology of Thinking" seminars, dedicated in acknowledging what a person focuses on to create their reality.

As a result of these experiences, Alejandra began training other people. She became Director and CEO of
Ontologik Group, Yoga, Art and Coaching Center, in Miami.

From the teachings of philosophers such as Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle to Eastern
philosophies including Yoga and Ayurveda, Alejandra devised her own unique set of teachings that have gained a growing following. These are the basis of her coaching program and her bestselling books.

She now personally teaches and directs the eleven-month MMK Coaching Certification Program.

Alejandra decided to take her knowledge to a wider audience by publishing her first book,
A Life Without Limits (Random House-Grijalbo; Mexico-USA). It is based on her reflections on the verses of the Tao Te Ching, with interpretations related to ontological coaching.

Alejandra's second book,
The Art of Self-Awareness, became a Spanish language bestseller. It contains cutting-edge expertise and practical resources based on ontological coaching and philosophies of life, supported by ancient teachings. It is an essential book for understanding what moves us to a deeper level of understanding and why each of us creates different realities.

The Art of Self-Awareness
is aimed at readers seeking a rich and deep life experience, aligned with one's authenticity, passion and talent.

Alejandra's third book, coauthored with Gloria Calzada, is Mastery of Life: Reflections for Living in Excellence. It reached No. 1 on Amazon among Spanish books during the first week of its launch in the United States. Her fourth book is The Art of Raising Children: Coaching Techniques to Guide our Children (Penguin-Random House).
For more information please visit www.AlejandraLlamas.com.

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