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Pillars of The Self
Alejandra Llamas' Spanish language bestseller, The Art of Self Awareness, is now available in English

Many people suffer from feelings of negativity, anxiety, depression and a sense of being disconnected. For everyone who dreams of throwing off the bondage of victimhood and creating their own destiny, Alejandra Llamas offers hope.

"I teach people empowering techniques and tools to release them from negative patterns so they can evolve and create the life they really want to experience," says Alejandra, a bestselling author, coach and personal empowerment expert.

Alejandra Llamas (pronounced Alexandra Ya-Mas) was born in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish and English. An authority on modern and ancient paths to fulfillment, she is founder of the
MMK Coaching Institute, certified by the International Coaching Federation. Her Spanish-language bestseller The Art of Self-Awareness is now available in English as an e-book.

A wife, mother and student of her own life experiences, Alejandra conveys profound principles in language anyone can understand. In The Art of Self-Awareness, she tells how she was forced by the economic downturn to close her yoga and coaching business in December 2008. She applied the tools she teaches others to reinvent herself as a writer, a path that "
opened endless doors of possibilities."

"At the age of 38, I realized that I could transform myself. I started to explore everything that was in the world for me, not as the limited identity I had as Alejandra, but as a being full of possibilities, realizing I could play the game of life with absolute liberty and without taking anything personally. If not now, when?"

Alejandra's books became bestsellers in Mexico and on Amazon in Spanish. They are now poised to reach a wider audience in English translations. Her newest is The Art of Raising Children: Coaching Techniques to Guide our Children.

Alejandra achieved success by coming to understand what she calls the Eight Pillars of the Self:
Thoughts, Culture, Beliefs, Emotions, Language, Declaration, Trance and Ego. These are the elements that make up each person's personality, and that can be changed to achieve one's goals. Trance, for instance, refers to the way most of us are so entranced by our thoughts and beliefs that we are not aware of how they shape and limit our possibilities. We become entranced when circumstances in everyday life remind us of things that happened in the past and trigger limiting beliefs. Once you become aware of trances and the other pillars that form your self-awareness, you can consciously reject thoughts and emotions that trigger limiting beliefs, and take actions that move you toward what you want.

That's what a growing number of people are learning to do through Alejandra's extraordinary body of work. It's also what drives her to write, coach and help others improve their lives. We can, she says, turn our back on beliefs and patterns that don't serve us, and open up possibilities we never before imagined.

"What I teach is a new way of understanding life," she says. "I truly believe today that suffering is an option and that there's a lot of power in us that we are unable to see."

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